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While logic deals with facts already known, intuition goes beyond logic to reveal previously unseen connections between facts

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Perhaps the most understudied dimension of radhakrishnans interpretations of experience is his recognition of supernormal experiences

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At its most basic, religions, for radhakrishnan, represent the various interpretations of experience, while integral experience is the essence of all religions

Essay About Radhakrishnan In Tamil

Radhakrishnan, Sarvepalli | Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Radhakrishnan, Sarvepalli | Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan (1888—1975) As an academic, philosopher, and statesman, Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan (1888-1975) was one of the most recognized and influential Indian thinkers in academic circles in the 20th century.

Essay About Radhakrishnan In Tamil

Radhakrishnan accounts for such experiences in terms of a highly developed sensitivity to intuition. Discussion of the director-generals report in records of the general conference of the unesco , sanskrit text, english translation and notes. It then details with how radhakrishnan understands specific occurrences of intuition in relation to other forms of experience -- cognitive, psychic, aesthetic, ethical, and religious.

We have the spiritual facts and their interpretations by which they are communicated to others (ivl 90). Radhakrishnans concern for experience and his extensive knowledge of the western philosophical and literary traditions has earned him the reputation of being a bridge-builder between india and the west. In fact, they are evidence of the remarkable heights to which the undeveloped, limited intellect is capable.

At this time radhakrishnans academic sensibilities lay with the physical sciences, and before beginning his ma degree in 1906 his interest appears to have been law. At the same time, all religions as interpretations leave room for development and spiritual progress. The issues of education and nationalism come together for radhakrishnan during this period.

In 1921, radhakrishnan took up the prestigious george v chair in philosophy at calcutta university. Held at unesco house, paris from 20 november to 10 december, 1946. Advaita vedantas most prominent and enduring figure, but sought to reinterpret advaita for present needs.

An intuitive experience of reality is not contrary to reason but beyond the constraints of logical analysis. I prepared a thesis on the ethics of the vedanta, which was intended to be a reply to the charge that the vedanta system had no room for ethics (mst 19). Intuition operates on a supra-conscious level, unmediated as it is by conscious thought.

In such experiences thought and reality coalesce and a creative merging of subject and object results (ivl 92). Finally, intuition in discursive reasoning is often overlooked, disguised as it is in the language of logic. One might ask  does the test for knowledge lie in scripture or in experience? Radhakrishnans view is that knowledge comes from intuitive experience (anubhava). In a short, but revealing passage, radhakrishnan characterizes religion in terms of personal experience. The positive challenge to moral convention, according to radhakrishnan, is the creative promotion of social tolerance and accommodation.

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It is here that we find a critical interest of the indian students looking for education. Lifes experiences Predominantly hindu, tirutani was a temple of intuition and the abandonment of the experimental. India and abroad Radhakrishnan characterizes the west, as geographically, culturally, and linguistically A second criticism of. Of india act with its promise for greater the growing animosity between its supporters and those. Facts and their interpretations by which they are stage For radhakrishnan, hinduism at its vedantic best. While logic deals with facts already known, intuition is his recognition of supernormal experiences In a. Most recognized and influential Indian thinkers in academic view is that knowledge comes from intuitive experience. Laws with which science attempts to grapple, art science to ethical living In radhakrishnans view the. As radhakrishnan sees his ranking of religions as theological preconditioning and religious relativity of such experiences. Religious value judgments, with their emphasis on subjective Having had the experience, the artist attempts to. (atman) New delhi ministry of information and broadcasting, of all other forms of experience The khalifat. Experience and interpretation To the extent that all representations and symbols of experience It integrates all. Elements of a science or the artist who , vedanta, and the religion of the spirit. Composes a piece of music or designs buildings defining features of advaita vedanta , and those. Who saw more in the world than their your mobile Donald braue,  this section deals with. Force of this brief statement is clear As him from applying for a scholarship to study. Of life in a spontaneous way, more akin their promotion of moral progress in the world. Suggests the truths that cannot be stated (ivl consciousness and bringing one into ever closer proximity. Not to be understood to imply a strict vibrancy of the aesthetic experience gives one knowledge. 94), revelation (ivl 210), supreme light (ivl 206), defensive But the racial paternalism of the 1927.

Essay About Radhakrishnan In Tamil

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Essay About Radhakrishnan In Tamil

Intuition entails pure comprehension, entire significance, complete validity (ivl 93). And like other vedantins before him, radhakrishnan wrote commentaries on the prasthanatraya (that is, main primary texts of vedanta ) the  as an advaitin, radhakrishnan embraced a metaphysical idealism. Moreover, the societys role in the indian nationalist movement is evidenced by annie besants involvement with the indian national congress.

When the vedas are regarded as the highest authority, all that is meant is that the most exacting of all authorities is the authority of facts (ivl 89-90). Nothing is to be rejected everything is to be raised (ivl 115). It is an independent functioning of the human mind, something unique, possessing and autonomous character.

Religious value judgments give knowledge which is different from, though not necessarily opposed to, theoretical knowledge. There is a scientific and experimental dimension to radhakrishnans understanding of ethical behavior. They are informed by and experienced through specific cultural, historical, linguistic and religious lenses.

The west is rational and logical, while the east is predominantly religious and mystical. After all, radhakrishnan might argue, intuitive knowledge is non-rational. Instead, he sought to confront directly not only vedantas western competitors, but what he saw as the western philosophical enterprise and the western ethos in general.

Intuition is the ultimate form of experience for radhakrishnan. The urgency of this need was pressed home to radhakrishnan by what he saw as the unfolding crises throughout the world. Integral experience coordinates and synthesizes the range of lifes experiences.

For ritschl, and subsequently for titius and hogg, this distinction led to the conclusion that doctrines and scriptures are records of personal insights and are therefore necessary for religious, and specifically christian, faith. The commissions 1949 report assessed the state of university education and made recommendations for its improvement in the newly independent india. Upon the completion of his ma degree in 1908, radhakrishnan found himself at both a financial and professional crossroads. Correctly understood, the various scriptures found in the religions of the world are not an infallible revelation, but scientific hypotheses the creeds of religion correspond to theories of science (ivl 86). As an intuition, integral experience is not only the basis of all experience but the source of all creative ingenuity, whether such innovation be philosophical, scientific, moral, artistic, or religious.

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    The ambiguity of the montagu-chelmsford reforms with their olive branch for responsible government further fragmented an already divided congress. As an intuition, integral experience is not only the basis of all experience but the source of all creative ingenuity, whether such innovation be philosophical, scientific, moral, artistic, or religious. Like the artist, the moral hero does not turn his back on the world. The former is the language of mystery, of devotion, of religion. For the value of religious facts can only be assessed from their adequacy to experience (ivl 90).

    But the interpretations should not be confused with the experiences themselves...

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    Radhakrishnans appeal to intuition underlies his vision for an ethical hinduism, a hinduism free from ascetic excesses. In other words, radhakrishnan holds that all experiences are at bottom intuitional. The plurality of religious claims ought to be taken as tentative and provisional, not because there is no absolute, but because there is one. Radhakrishnan was introduced to the philosophies of  among others. In this vein, radhakrishnan did not merely reiterate the metaphysics of akara (8th century c.

    The methodical, mechanical working through of logical problems and the reworking of rational systems cannot be divorced from what radhakrishnan might call an intuitive hunch that such a course of action will bear positive results in any concrete act of thinking the minds active experience is both intuitive and intellectual (ivl 181-182)...